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Tree Trimming Tips For New Homeowners

by Jill Jenkins

As a new homeowner, learning to take care of your yard and your trees can be challenging. There is so much misinformation out there that many property owners get confused. Before you let some of this false information lead you down the wrong path for taking care of your trees, there are a few things that you need to know.

Cutting Too Close To The Trunk Can Harm The Tree

Some people believe that when a tree has any damaged areas, cutting those areas as close to the trunk as possible will allow the tree to replace that damaged section with new growth. In fact, trees won't grow in an area that's dead or damaged. The tree may grow a new layer of wood over the wound when you cut it, but that's it. If you cut areas like this too close to the trunk, you risk damaging the branch collar. And, in some cases, it may even lead to exposed wood that the tree is unable to cover later, making the tree more vulnerable to infestation.

Ignoring The Tree Won't Help

If you're thinking that it'd be better to just leave the tree alone, that maybe it will grow better if you don't disturb it, you may be surprised. Sure, trees in the forest grow without being trimmed. But the trees in your yard have different needs. They have to be taken care of to help them overcome the different environment they're in. Air pollutants, pest infestations, and similar threats are different around residential areas than they are in the woods. Make a point to have your trees trimmed regularly to keep them strong, healthy, and thriving.

You Need To Time Your Trimming Properly

In most situations, it's best to plan your trimming for the late winter season. By scheduling it that late in the cold weather season, the tree is in a dormant state. That minimizes the damage that it could pose to the tree and gives it time to heal a bit before the new growing season begins. Always trim the older trees first, because the younger the tree is, the more vulnerable it can be to damage during trimming.

It's Best To Call For Help

Especially if you're totally new to taking care of trees, it's best not to try to do any trimming by yourself. Putting it in the hands of a professional tree trimming contractor is the safest way to ensure that your tree is trimmed correctly. Even healthy trees can end up injured or contaminated with disease if they aren't handled correctly.