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The Four Dangers Of Gathered Leaves And Debris On The Roof

by Jill Jenkins

Too often, homeowners allow leaves and debris to gather on their roof without having it cleaned away. There are many problems with this, especially after the fall and winter season when leaves and other debris gather on the roof more rapidly. Here are the four dangers of this:

  1. Blocks Water Flow: When it rains, you want the water on the roof to flow with ease off the roof, into the gutters, and away from the home. Otherwise, water damage begins to occur. When there are leaves and other debris gathered on the roof, it can create a blockage in the flashings, which is what drags a great deal of water into the gutters and off the roof. If the blockage happens and is not removed, it can create significant water damage both on the roof and inside of the home over time. 
  2. Pools of Water: Another problem is that pools of water can become trapped underneath the layers of leaves and debris on the roof. When this water sits here, it creates signifiant damage to that part of the roof. You will probably need to replace the shingles here, as well as deal with possible rotting that has occurred. Once more water gathers here, there is also a chance of this water leaking into your home through the damage that has been create on the roof. 
  3. Pests: Another problem with leaves and debris on your roof is that it creates the perfect home for pests, which includes termites. The pools of water left behind are a great source of water for these pests and there are plenty of hiding spots, as well. Plus, with the roof in a fragile state, there are likely holes that the pests can sneak into in order to actually get inside of the home itself. 
  4. Poor Curb Appeal: Finally, the curb appeal of your home can decrease drastically when the roof is in a poor state, such as this. When this happens, not only does it make your home appear less inviting, but if you plan on selling, it's going to be even harder because the buyers are going to know that your roof is probably in a great deal of disarray that they won't want to deal with. 

Know that you now some of the dangers of gathering leaves and debris on the roof of the home, you can see why hiring not only for an inspection of the roof, but also a cleaning of the roof to be done regularly is so important.