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3 Problems That Cause Damage To Vinyl Siding And How They Are Repaired

by Jill Jenkins

Vinyl siding is a material that has become common for the exterior of homes, but it is also a material that can be damaged. You may have problems with warping due to heat, hail damage or siding falling off due to an improper backing. Here are some of the potential problems that you may have with the vinyl siding on your home and how we can help you with the repairs:

1. Improper Backing That Causes Siding to Fall Off Walls

Vinyl siding has been used for decades, and some of the older homes with vinyl exteriors have poor backing. The materials may fall off the wall, have visible imperfections or separate at the seams due to a poor backing. The best solution for these problems is to remove the siding, have new backing and moisture barrier installed, and then, replace the siding. If the siding is still in good shape, you may be able to reuse it and only replace pieces that have been damaged when it was removed or other causes.

2. Exposure to Heat That Causes Vinyl Siding to Warp

One of the problems that are common with vinyl siding is warping due to heat exposure. Normal exposure to heat from sunlight is not the cause of damage, but rather, things such as having a grill too close to the siding, burning lawn waste near a home or structure fires that are near close properties and cause heat damage. Usually, the heat damage is limited to the area of the home that was exposed to a heat source. When the siding is warped, it will need to be completely removed and replaced with new siding.

3. Cracked Siding and Hail Damage Due to Brittle Siding

Cracking of vinyl siding is another common problem that is caused by the material being struck hard with something. Sometimes, old siding is brittle due to exposure to the sun and weather, and it can easily be damaged. Storms with hail also cause this type of damage, which is conspicuous due to the large holes and cracks that are visible. It is best to completely replace siding that has extensive cracks and breaks in it. Today, there are vinyl products with foam backing that are less vulnerable to cracks and breaks.

These are some of the problems that you may have with the vinyl siding on your home. Contact a siding and window replacement service like to help with the repairs or installation of new siding to maintain the exterior of your home.