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Suspect Chimney Pests? Investigate And Decide By Looking For These Telltale Indications

by Jill Jenkins

For you and your home, the chimney is a necessary component to allow smoke and fumes out when using your wood stove or even your fireplace. However, to a scurrying pest who traipses across the roof, the chimney just looks like the ideal place to hang out. It is protected by tall walls and often a cap to keep out rain and moisture and is usually pretty warm. Plus, having access to a chimney can sometimes mean easy access to food.

While these pests really mean no harm, having squirrels, birds, mice, or even rats hanging out your chimney can be a real pain and cause a lot of damage. determine if you have a chimney pest problem with these telltale indications. 

You hear noises coming from the stove or fireplace. 

You lean into the fireplace to start a fire and hear all kinds of odd noises, from flapping wings to squeaks and chirps. The fact is, homeowners usually first notice the noises pests cause when they're hanging out in the chimney first. You may even hear noises that seem to be radiating through the walls of the house. Either way, it is wise to have a chimney repair contractor take a look to figure out where the pests are and how to get them out. 

You have a lot of odd falling debris from your chimney. 

There are just naturally some items that can slip in with the wind and make it down into your fireplace or possibly into your wood burning stove if the chimney is not aptly protected up on the roof. Leaves, sticks, and even the occasional weed or piece of grass are just normal. However, if you start finding odd things falling down through your chimney, whether it is droppings, food, or something else, it is a good indication that a little scurrying pest is up there hanging out. 

You are constantly having to make repairs around the chimney. 

Water damage, torn roofing bits, bent metal flashing, gnawed wood–all of these are examples of damages that can be caused by pests who are hanging out in or trying to gain access to your chimney. The chimney is such an ideal place to hide out and make a nest, some pests will go to great lengths to get inside, even if that means they have to cause a lot of damage in the process. If it seems you are constantly having to make repairs in or around your chimney, pests could be to blame. 

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