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Looking At An Affordable Paving Option For Small Business Owners

by Jill Jenkins

When it comes to spending money on big repairs, many small businesses have to make choices that will allow them the smallest investment. If your parking lot is in bad shape, you may be worried about how you will cover the costs of having it repaired. You should know that some paving companies offer affordable paving services called reclamation and pulverization. Learn more about how you can get your parking lot paved for a lot less than you think.

On-The-Spot Recycling Saves You Money

If you look at your existing parking lot, you may see plenty of broken and cracked asphalt. If you have a brand new paving put down, all the broken and damaged existing asphalt must be taken away and you will have to pay for its disposal. However, when a reclaiming machine is put to use on your parking lot, it takes up the damaged asphalt and an amount of the material underneath it and recycles it right on the spot. A reclaiming machine mills and pulverizes the existing asphalt. The pulverized material is them mixed with reagents to stabilize it, an important step for creating a mix that will endure conditions like hot weather and years of cars driving over it. Portland cement and lime are some of the common reagents used for reclamation and pulverizing.

Reclamation Produces Recycled Aggregate That Competes With New Materials

The mixture created from the broken asphalt from your parking lot will be laid down in the same way as new materials, producing the same results as well. Recycled aggregate is spread out, graded and compacted exactly the same way as paving materials delivered to your place of business. The big difference between your parking lot being paved with recycled aggregate and new materials is the cost. Recycled aggregate costs less and can help you afford a new parking lot without breaking the bank.

Reclamation Paving Requires Less Labor And Truck Services

When you have several workers on a crew working to remove and replace your asphalt, the cost of paying them is high. Also, the truck drivers hauling away the asphalt being removed is another expense you will be responsible for. Some expenses will be charged to you in the total bill that may not be itemized like fuel for the trucks and for the machinery used to compact and law the asphalt. When you choose reclamation services, you can save a lot for fuel and labor costs.

A new, freshly paved parking lot can be a nice addition to your company's landscape, and with reclamation techniques, it doesn't have to cost you a small fortune. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like