Getting to the Basics: Remodeling Projects

3 Creative Things To Do With Old Vinyl Siding

by Jill Jenkins

The condition of your vinyl siding plays a critical role in determining your home's curb appeal. If you have siding that needs to be replaced, you may be tempted to throw out the old siding as it is replaced with a newer product. You can not only reduce the amount of waste created during a siding replacement, but add some whimsy to your life when you opt to put your old siding to a creative new use.

Here are three projects that will help you reuse your old vinyl siding in the future.

1. Make a doghouse.

If you have a four-legged friend, you can easily use some of your old siding to create a unique place for your dog to spend time when he or she is outdoors. One great way to add interest to your dog's house is to create a miniature replica of your own home. Mimicking the architectural features of your home makes your doghouse both functional and decorative.

Since a doghouse is small, you can likely find sections of old vinyl siding that still look good. Attaching these old vinyl products to the exterior of your doghouse gives it that residential feel, while allowing you to recycle construction materials that would have ended up in the trash.

2. Make some pallet art.

Artistic pieces made from pallet wood are becoming more popular among today's homeowners. You can capitalize on this trend by using your old vinyl siding as a backing for your pallet art pieces.

Not only will sections of vinyl siding help to reinforce and strengthen your pallet art pieces, but the linear demarcations on the siding can help you nail your pallet wood together in a straight and orderly fashion. 

3. Create an industrial coat rack.

If you have old sections of vinyl siding that look weathered, they can easily be transformed into decorative coat racks. All you need to do to complete this project is invest in some rustic hooks that can be attached to the surface of your vinyl siding section using some screws.

Hang the section of siding on the wall in your home's entryway, and you will have a unique place to hang jackets and bags that is made from recycled materials.

Finding new ways to use your old siding helps to reduce landfill waste. Try building a doghouse, creating pallet art, or making a coat rack the next time your home's vinyl siding is replaced.

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