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How To Make Property Line Access Easier For Your Land Surveyor

by Jill Jenkins

If you are hiring a land surveyor to come out and survey your piece of property, it is important for you to ensure that he or she has proper access to your property lines. Doing so can make it easier for him or her to get a truly accurate survey of your land and can even save you money on hourly labor costs. These are a few ways that you can make property line access easier.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Although it is certainly possible for your land surveyor to do a survey without stepping foot on your neighbors' property, being able to access the property lines without worrying about ticking off the people who live around you can make it a lot easier. Consider talking to your neighbors about it; if they agree, then you can let your land surveyor know that everyone is aware of what he or she is doing and that it won't cause big problems if he or she needs to walk onto your neighbors' property.

Move Items That Might Get in the Way

Take a look at your property, and consider if there is anything that might get in the way of your land surveyor doing his or her job. For example, if you have children's play equipment, parked vehicles or other items at the edges of your property, it might be tough for your land surveyor to do what he or she has set out to do. Move these items if you are able to so that your land surveyor can easily access all of the edges of your piece of land.

Clean Up Your Yard

Your land surveyor might not be too happy about walking through thick underbrush or other overgrown plants to get to the edges of your property. If possible, take the time to clean up your yard so that it's neat, clean and safe. This includes things like removing yard debris, cutting your grass and using a weed whacker or a chemical weed killer to get rid of overgrowth.

Your land surveyor has a tough job and has to access all different areas of your property in order to get that job done right. If you want to get the most accurate land survey possible, ensure that things are as easy for your land survey as can be and potentially save money on labor costs by the hour, consider following these three tips.