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The Advantages & Drawbacks Of A Pressure-Assisted Toilet

by Jill Jenkins

If you are looking to install a new toilet in your house, you need to think about what type of flushing system you want your new toilet to have. Here is a quick rundown of some of the advantages and drawback of a pressure-assisted toilet.

The Basics

Pressure-assisted toilets have a pressure tank. The inside of a pressure tank looks like it is filled up with a couple of giant, black balloons. When the tank fills up, the water is held inside of a pressure system inside of your tank and a set amount of pressure is exerted on the water. When you flush the toilet, the built up pressure and gravity work together to create a strong and explosive flush.

The Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of a pressure-assisted toilet is that the flush is very powerful. It will easily clear all solid waste out of your toilet bowl without needing to be flushed twice. Pressure-assisted toilets have one of the strongest flushes out there, and rarely leave anything behind.

Since the water is held inside of a pressure system and is not just held inside of the porcelain tank on the back of your toilet, your toilet tank will never sweat. You will not get condensation on the outside of your toilet bowl since the water is not being held inside of the bowl itself.

The Drawbacks

Pressure-assisted models tend to be some of the more expensive toilets on the market. If you want a strong flush, you are going to have to pay for it.

Since the inside of the toilet contains a pressure system instead of the more traditional system that is probably in your current toilet, it requires special parts. If anything ever goes wrong with your toilet, you may have to shell out a little more money and put a little more effort into finding the right repair parts.

Finally, getting that strong flush comes at a cost. Pressure-assisted toilets tend to be really noisy when you flush them, so if you are trying to replace a toilet that is right next to your bedroom or an area of your house that you like to keep quiet, this may not be the right toilet for you.

The biggest advantage to a pressure-assisted toilet is that your bowl should always be cleared of waste and it should keep pretty clean. However, these toilets tend to be more expensive and a little noisier than your traditional toilet. If you want to test one out, just head over to a public restroom. Many public restrooms use pressure-assisted toilets because they cut down on the cleaning schedule. To learn more, visit a website like