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3 Tips To Reduce Your Washing Machine's Impact On Your Septic System

by Jill Jenkins

When you think about your septic system and companies like McDermott Septic Tank Pumping, you probably think about how it is used in relation to your toilets. However, all of the grey water from your home goes into your septic tank, including the water that is used for washing your clothes. Many people never think about the impact that their washing machines have on their septic tanks and systems, but the truth is that your laundry habits could be putting an unnecessary strain on your system. These are some of the ways that you can reduce this impact.

1. Use Liquid Laundry Detergent

Many people use powdered laundry detergent, but this type of detergent can be more likely to clump up and cause clogs in your septic system. This is especially true if you use a cheaper brand, which often has more fillers, or if you use too much detergent. "Pod" laundry detergent might seem convenient, but the coatings might not dissolve as they are supposed to, which can also cause clogs. Liquid laundry detergent is generally the most septic system-friendly option, but you should still make sure that you only use the recommended dosage.

2. Avoid Having "Laundry Days"

A lot of people do all of their laundry on one specified day of the week. The problem with this is that it puts a big strain on your system all at once, since your septic system has to deal with gallons upon gallons of water all in one day. A better option is to spread out your laundry washing throughout the week, doing just one load per day. Then, your system will have a chance to recover before it is flooded with more water from your washing machine.

3. Install a Lint Filter

Your dryer probably has a lint filter on it, but if your washing machine does not have one, then there is a good chance that lint and debris from your clothing is getting into your septic system. This lint and debris can cause clogs in the pipes and can make it difficult for your septic system to work correctly, but you can have a lint filter professionally installed so that you can catch this debris before it makes it to your pipes.

Your washing machine might have more of an impact on your septic system than you think. If you implement a few tips when you're doing your laundry, however, you can help reduce this impact.