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Tips For Preventing Disasters At Home By Spotting Damage To Common Kitchen Appliances

by Jill Jenkins

If you plan on using the major appliances in your kitchen for many more years, the need to avoid expensive repairs is obviously crucial. However, it is important to understand that by spotting the early symptoms of problems, you have a much better chance of not having a secondary issue occur, like a fire or water damage.

It is easier and cheaper to prevent a problem than it is to make it go away, so check your appliances regularly and know what signs they provide of a developing issue. By doing so and adhering to the manufacturer's suggestions for maintenance, you have a much better chance of using your expensive appliances for many more years. 

Look At The Coils In The Refrigerator

If you regularly remove old or expired food from the refrigerator, wiping it down as you go, you probably feel like the unit is already clean. Unfortunately, the condenser coils may have a different story to tell. It is not unusual to forget about these important parts, but when they get dirty, they work less efficiently and will eventually overheat.

Therefore, by cleaning them down at least once a month, you could be extending the life of your refrigerator. In addition, that means that the contents of the refrigerator are safer and you will not need to figure out how to get the smell of rotting milk, eggs and meat out of your house in the middle of summer because the refrigerator finally gave up after you were at work.

You can avoid that smelly problem by cleaning the coils of the refrigerator as often as you clean the rest of  the refrigerator.

Always Notice How Well Your Dishwasher Is Working

It is interesting to note that the average dishwasher today uses between four and six gallons of water to complete the wash and dry cycles. After a few years of use, it is fairly common for the rubber closures that surround the dishwasher to not work as well or become damaged. At first, the closures may not be a problem.

Eventually, often without a lot of notice besides the previously mentioned malformation, some or all of the water the unit uses can leak onto the floor. The damage can impact other appliances, tile and even the carpet in nearby rooms.    

Therefore, you should check on the dishwasher closures more often and, if they crack, become deflated or just look different,  it's time to call for appliance service repairs.

In conclusion, when appliances break, they do not always do so neatly. Instead, they often inflict damage on surrounding items on the way. Since homeowner's insurance policies do not always cover damage that occurs due to appliances that did not receive proper maintenance, the entire financial burden could be yours. To prevent that, look at your appliances often and be sure to provide the maintenance that the manufacturer recommended. For more information, contact an experienced appliance service or repair shop like J & M Appliance