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Pros And Cons Of Aluminum Garage Doors

by Jill Jenkins

If you are looking to upgrade your garage doors, there are a lot of different materials to choose from. One of the more popular types of garage doors is an aluminum garage door. There are many benefits to this material for your garage, but there are also some drawbacks to be aware of. Compare the following pros and cons when deciding if aluminum is right for you.

Pro: Aluminum Does Not Rust

Aluminum garage doors are ideal for coastal areas because the material doesn't rust easily. Other types of metal garage doors can rust over time, especially when dealing with a corrosive environment. However, if you live in a coastal area, you won't have to replace the garage door after a few years due to rust. This can give you a longer life on your door after it has been installed.

Con: Aluminum Dents Easily

While it doesn't rust, aluminum is prone to denting. It is a soft type of metal, so it isn't difficult to dent with a moderate amount of impact. If your door gets dented, it doesn't need to be replaced, however. You can have a technician use techniques similar to removing a dent in a car door that will help you remove the dent and improve its appearance.

Pro: Aluminum is Lightweight

The fact that aluminum is so lightweight will benefit you in multiple ways. First of all, the installation process is easier and less expensive. It is something you can do yourself since hauling the door isn't too difficult. Lower labor costs are involved if you decide to hire a professional to install it. Another reason the lightweight nature of aluminum doors is beneficial is because there is less stress put on the torsion springs. This allows the springs to last for a longer period of time.

Con: Aluminum Requires Maintenance

All garage doors will require some maintenance, but you might be looking at a little more maintenance with aluminum garage doors. This is because they can get damaged from heavy objects hitting them, hail storms, or even just high winds. This requires regular inspections of the door to be sure it is in good condition and repairing different sources of damage.

Pro: Aluminum Can be Recycled

If there ever comes a time when you want to replace your aluminum garage door, the entire thing can be recycled. This is a great way to have a more eco-friendly door, since you can recycle it in its entirety when you no longer have a use for it.

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