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Tips For Cleaning Your Hot Tub

by Jill Jenkins

You want to make sure you provide your hot tub with the proper care so it will stay clean and in good working order for as long as possible. Following a few simple steps to keep it clean and in good condition will go a long way. You can learn some very helpful tips below:

How to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

Double rinsing your bathing suit before you get in your hot tub will do wonders with regards to keeping it clean. When you wear clothes that only went through the rinse cycle one time in your hot tub it can cause a ring of soap scum to develop around the edges.

You can use a non-sudsy cleaner and a nylon scrubber to clean off any soap scum or dirt build-up from the hot tub. You also want to make sure the cleanser you are using is a non-abrasive one so you don't scratch the surface.

Putting a bucket of water outside of the hot tub to rinse your feet in before getting in the hot tub will help keep dirt and debris from making its way in.

How to Keep Your Filter Clean

A simple tip to help you clean your hot tub filter easily is to always have a spare one on hand. This way, you can put the spare in while you clean the current one. This allows you to use your hot tub right away and your filters will last longer.

To clean the filter, you can use your garden hose to spray the filter at an angle. Make sure you rinse out all the debris that's caught between the pleats.

When you change the hot tub's water, you want to rinse your cartridges and then soak them in a cleaning compound. Make sure you rinse them again after you take it out of the compound.

Anytime you aren't going to be using your hot tub you should keep the cover on it. This way, you can prevent a lot of debris from being blown into your hot tub.

How to Clean Your Vinyl Cover

To clean your cover you want to remove it and set it in an upright position. Take our garden hose and lightly spray it off. Take a mild soap and a rag to scrub the cover clean. Rinse it again to remove the soap and wipe it with a dry rag. You can put a conditioner on it to help it last longer as well.

Following the tips above will help you make sure your hot tub is always ready to go so you can get pleasure out of it whenever you want.