Getting to the Basics: Remodeling Projects

Simple Steps To Resurface The Concrete Deck Around Your Pool

by Jill Jenkins

If the concrete deck around your pool appears worn out and has cracks in some areas, consider these pool deck resurfacing options and make the repairs yourself after learning the proper steps to take. After the job is finished, you will have an appealing area to relax in while you are spending time out by your pool.

Use The Following Materials

  • measuring tape
  • pressure washer
  • cleaning solution (for concrete)
  • push broom
  • plastic sheeting
  • duct tape
  • concrete patch
  • putty knife
  • concrete float
  • concrete micro-topping
  • paint tray
  • power sprayer
  • paint roller
  • roller handle
  • acid concrete stain

Cover Exposed Surfaces, Clean And Repair The Concrete 

Move your patio furniture off of the deck. Cover any exposed surfaces that you do not want covered with the micro-topping or stain with plastic sheeting that is secured with masking tape. Clean the deck by sweeping off debris with a push broom. Use a pressure washer to remove surface stains. Load the machine with a cleaning solution that is designed for concrete. You can purchase this product from a home improvement center or landscaping business. Once all of the stains have been removed, wait for the concrete to dry.

Inspect the deck for cracks and small holes. Fill them with concrete patch. Use a putty knife to insert the patch into each crevice. Once the holes are filled, smooth them out by running a concrete float over the surface.

Add Concrete Micro-Topping

Concrete micro-topping will provide a uniform surface. Some micro-toppings come with a built in material that will add traction to the deck's surface, preventing slips when it is wet. It can be applied with a paint roller or power sprayer. If you are using a paint roller, pour the micro-topping into a paint tray so that is easy to access. Start in one corner of the deck. Dip your paint roller into the tray and add an even coat of the micro-topping. Apply it in straight, even lines.

If you would like to use a power sprayer, pour the micro-topping into the tank that is connected to the machine. Aim the nozzle at the areas that you are covering and move along the deck in straight lines. The micro-topping will take several hours to dry.

Apply The Stain

Add color to your concrete deck by applying a coat of stain. Use the same application methods that you used for the micro-topping. Stain takes several hours to dry. If you use a dark color, it will take longer for it to dry than a lighter one. Once it has dried, add an additional coat if you would like the concrete surface to be darker. Once the stain looks the way that you want it to, keep your deck looking great by spraying it off with a water hose occasionally