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What Are The Differences Between Painting And Powder Coating?

by Jill Jenkins

There are several different ways of coating metal for parts, cars, or equipment. One is painting and another is powder coating. You have probably heard about the two separate processes, but you may not know what the differences between them are. 


Painting is a wet process. That means that it is sprayed onto the metal and has to dry. Generally the paint is baked in an oven or a heated room to dry. Doing that gets the paint to dry faster. It also can make the paint harder, making it longer lasting and less likely to crack and flake. 

Benefits of painting

One of the benefits of using paint is that it is a relatively easy process. While the metal may need to be primed before it gets painted and it may need several coats of paint, it basically just needs time for the paint to dry in between each coat. That takes time, but it isn't a difficult process. 

Drawbacks of painting

Painting puts out fumes and VOCs. That means it is very hard on the environment. There are also other solvents that can be involved in the painting process. Generally people who are manually painting the metal will wear protective suits and respirators to avoid the fumes from the paint. 

Using paint as a metal coating is also a more expensive process than other options. 

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry process. Instead of being sprayed as a wet substance like paint, it is sprayed as a dry powder that is then electrostatically attracted to the metal. Then it flows down the metal so that it completely coats the entire piece. The way that this works is that the piece of metal is grounded. The particles that make up the powder coating, which includes the tint, are charged so that they are attracted to the metal. After that, the piece is put into an oven so that the powder coating is cured and set. 

Benefits of powder coating

One of the biggest benefits of powder coating is that it is environmentally friendlier. Powder coating doesn't need any solvents like paint does. It's the solvents that help keep paint thin enough to be sprayed out onto the metal. 

Drawbacks of powder coating

One issue is that the powders can't be mixed to change colors. In order to get a different color, it's necessary to have powder coating that is premixed for that particular color. To get a custom color, it would be necessary to order that particular color. 

Powder coating is becoming more and more popular. It's used on all kinds of things, from your car to your refrigerator. Talk to your local experts like Metal Tech Of Murfreesboro for more information.