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How To Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets For Cheap

by Jill Jenkins

Installing new kitchen cabinets can completely change the functionality and style of your kitchen. However, a new kitchen cabinet system can cost a lot of money. Luckily, there are many cost effective ways to make your kitchen cabinets more functional without spending an arm and a leg. This article will highlight a few ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets.

Installing New Molding

For a purely stylistic upgrade to your kitchen cabinets, you should consider installing new molding. You can install the molding style that is bolder, larger and more dynamic. This fits in better with the current trends and will make your entire cabinet system look more modern. Many cabinet systems do not have crown molding. Crown molding is the molding that goes where the top of the cabinet meets the ceiling. Adding crown to the top of your cabinet will definitely make the entire room look classier. 

Soft Closing Hinges

One of the best ways to make your cabinets more functional is to install soft closing hinges. You do not need to change the doors to install new hinges. You can simply remove the doors, swap out the hinges and enjoy the added quietness and durability of soft closing hinges. These are great because they prevent your door from slamming. This is quieter, and it will also help protect your doors and cabinet box.

New Hardware For Your Doors And Drawers

Another similarly simple remodel is to install new hardware on your doors and drawers. New handles and pulls on your kitchen cabinets will drastically alter the style of them. You might be surprised how different your cabinets can look with different hardware. 

Changing The Doors And Drawer Fronts

A more expensive but very effective remodel is to change the doors and drawer fronts throughout your kitchen cabinets. It is the doors and drawer fronts that largely determine the overall style of your kitchen. If your cabinet system is out of date, you can simply install new, modern doors and drawers to make it look more current. When you do this, you can also install new soft close hinges and hardware to give your cabinets a complete upgrade. This is a comprehensive upgrade that will basically make your cabinets look newer.

As you can see, you do not need to spend a bunch of money to make your kitchen cabinets look and work like they are new. For more information, contact a business such as Superior Cabinet Supply.