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Why Are Your Eyes Puffy After Sleeping With The Air Conditioning On?

by Jill Jenkins

Do you notice that your eyes are puffy in the morning after sleeping with the air conditioner on? It's probably not a coincidence that your itchy, red eyes become worse on the hottest days of the year. It's not the air conditioning itself that's causing your reaction, but rather the fact that it's blowing allergen particles into the air.

Why do the symptoms occur only in the morning?

Perhaps you're allergic to pollen, pet dander, dust or mold spores. You may not experience allergic reactions to these particles during the daytime if you're moving from place to place a lot. At night, however, when you're lying in one place, your exposure increases as you're continually pelted with allergens being blown out by the air conditioning system. After you wake up and itch your eyes for a while, you probably get dressed and head for work – where the allergens are not present in a large enough volume to cause itchiness. You symptoms die down throughout the day, and only after you spend a few hours sleeping in a constant stream of allergens again do they reappear.

How do you rid your air conditioning system of allergens?

The allergens, whether they are mold spores, dust particles or pet dander, are probably sitting around in your ductwork. Call a local HVAC company and make an appointment to have your ducts cleaned. The technician can also clean the vents, filters and intake ducts in your air conditioning system to greatly reduce the number of allergen particles that are spewed out as your air conditioning unit runs.

How can you treat itchy morning eyes?

There's no need to live in misery while you await your HVAC appointment. Visit your local drugstore and look for over-the-counter eye drops made to soothe allergy eyes. Put them in before bed and again when you wake up in the morning to keep your symptoms under control. Taking an oral anti-histamine medication may also help keep you comfortable. Try moving your bed to a location where your face won't be directly in the path of the air conditioned air. This won't alleviate symptoms entirely, but it may make them more manageable until you can have your system cleaned.

If you are prone to itchy eyes, live in an area where pollen counts are typically high, or have pets, having your ducts cleaned annually is likely to help keep symptoms at bay. You don't have to choose between clear eyes and a cool nights' sleep. If you have your ductwork and air conditioner cleaned properly, you can enjoy both.

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