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2 Things Every Parent Should Consider To Create A Safe Play Area For Their Children

by Jill Jenkins

One of the biggest benefits of owning your own home is the fact that you can spend countless hours enjoying outdoor time with your children. If there is one thing that will make antsy kids even more hard to handle it is keeping them cooped up indoors all day. While you may love the fact that your home has a backyard, close proximity to a road or highway can create an issue if you want to let your kids outside to play. There are a few things you can do to help create a safe play area for your children, in spite of a nearby roadway and traveling motorists.

Consider Fence Installation

Allowing your children outdoors to play in the yard can be nerve wracking if there is no separation between your youngsters and cars passing by. Just because you would like to have a perimeter border to separate your lawn from the roadway does not mean that you have to have a highly secure, completely closed off fence. Even the slightest perimeter border can take a lot of concern off of your shoulders and serve as a reminder to your children to stay in a certain area.

Vinyl fencing, which is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to install, works well as a property border. If you want something a bit more modern that allows for a more seamless design, wire cable fencing is a good choice. This consists of posts connected by heavy-gauge steel cables that are incredibly strong, but allow for an open faced border that will not block the view you have from your backyard. If this seems like a good option, contract fence contractors, such as Hahn-AA Fencing.

Contact the Local Roadway Division

If you live on a roadway that is not considered a main highway in your city, you may be able to contact the local roadway division to have a Children at Play sign installed. Not all municipalities and areas offer this, an these signs are only legal in certain situations. However, some cities allow for residents to post their own signs, which can be purchased through various online retailers. While posted CAP signs may not be enforced by local authorities, they can often be enough to alert drivers that children are in the area.

As a parent, keeping your children safe at all times is always a top priority. Making sure they are safe when they head outside to play in the yard is the only way to create an enjoyable area at your home.